Cook-Off Challenge

Saturday, September 15th


The Harvest Jam Cook-Off Challenge is an annual tradition at Queen of Angels. No two years are ever the same, but it's always a fun and delicious experience for everyone involved. You can participate in the cook-off by being a contestant or a taster. All contestants will receive 3 school service hours for their time. This year there will be five categories - chili, appetizer, home brew, cocktail, and pie. 


    Two awards will be given for each category. Professional chefs, bakers and bartenders from local restaurants will decide first place titles! The Most Popular Award will be given by the tasters who purchase tickets for . Winners will be published in Q of A Today (school newsletter) and in The Guide (parish bulletin).

    be a contestant

    General Rules

    1. Follow Contest Specific Rules (see below).
    2. Complete and submit this sign-up form no later than 12pm on Friday, September 14th.
    3. Be present at Harvest Jam on Saturday, September 15th during your category's time slot to set-up and serve tasting portions of your entry to the judges and tasters.
    4. Email a brief description of your entry (for the judging form) to Stephanie O'Brien at
    5. Comply with Chicago street fair food handling rules.

    Be a taster

    To be one of the 50 tasters and popular vote judges for all the categories (and get an amazing meal) tickets are $45 online before September 7th or $50 at the door (if available). Tasting and judging will be on Saturday, September 15th from 3-6pm.

    Pie Auction

    At the conclusion of the Cook-Off Challenge at 6pm on Saturday, September 15th each of the pies featured in the cook-off will be auctioned off to the highest bidder.


    Saturday, September 15th. Set-up at 2:30pm. Judging begins at 3pm.


    1.     Make 50 taste-size portions of traditional chili. Traditional chili is defined as any kind of meat or combination of meats, cooked with chili peppers, various spices and other ingredients. Beans, which are normally excluded, may be used in this competition. Other fillers such as pasta or rice are not allowed. Vegetarian chili is allowed.

    2.     Arrive by 2:30pm to set up and prepare for judging at 3pm.

    3.    Prepare all chili at home in advance. Bring chili hot and in a crock-pot to keep it warm throughout the afternoon. Electrical outlets will be available. Please bring an extension cord.

    4.     You will be provided with small tasting bowls, utensils and napkins.

    5.     You are free to make available any condiments you like (sour cream, cheese, or onions); however, the sample provided to the judges must not contain any extras.

    6.     Chili will be judged for the following attributes: taste, consistency, aroma, color, and bite (heat).


    Saturday, September 15th. Set-up at 3:30pm. Judging begins at 4pm.


    1. Provide 50 servings of a bite size appetizer.
    2. Arrive by 3:30pm to set up and prepare for judging at 4pm.
    3. Complete any preparation at home in advance.
    4. Plates and napkins will be provided.


    Saturday, September 15th. Set-up at 3:30pm. Judging begins at 4pm.


    1. All cocktails must be homemade. Any alcohol/spirits may be included.
    2. Arrive by 3:30 PM to set up and prepare for judging at 4PM.
    3. Provide 2 pitchers of your cocktail (enough for 50  2-oz. tastings).
    4. Bring ice and any necessary garnishes for your beverage.
    5. Small cups will be provided.


    Saturday, September 15th. Set-up at 5pm. Judging begins at 5:30pm.


    1. All pies must be homemade.
    2. Arrive by 5pm to set up and prepare for judging at 5:30 PM.
    3. Bake 2 identical pies in a non-returnable pie pan with name on bottom of pan. One pie will be used for judging and the other will be auctioned at the event.

    Home Brew

    Saturday, September 15th. Set-up at 3:30pm. Judging begins at 4pm.


    1. All beer must be home brewed.
    2. Arrive by 3pm to set up and prepare for judging at 4pm.
    3. Bring enough for 50 tastings.