Harvest Jam Free Throw Championship

Eligibility and Entry Requirements

  1. Boys and girls between the 5 to 14 (kindergarten to eighth grade) are eligible to compete in the Harvest Jam Free Throw Championship.

  2. Entrants compete against youngsters of the same age and gender in five age divisions:  1 (Kindergarten) 2 (first grade and second grade) 3 (third grade and fourth grade), 4 (fifth and sixth grade), and 5 (seventh and eighth grade).  

  3. Each competitor gets 15 free throws, and the one who makes the most wins. If there’s a tie, shot tiebreaker (minimum of five shots) follow until a winner emerges.

  4. Volunteer/Referee (s) will keep track of score of all participants.


Free-Throw Championship Rules

  1. Each contestant receives three warm-up shots. For each round, contestants get 15 free-throw attempts. If there is a tie, five-shot tiebreaker rounds follow until a winner emerges.

  2. Boys and girls (K to 4th grade) shoot from a foul line 12 feet away from an 8-foot-high basket.  Boys and girls (5th to 8th grade) shoot from a foul line 15 feet away from a 10-foot basket. That is three feet closer to the basket than a regulation foul line.

  3. For the girls, a women’s regulation-size basketball should be used. Boys-use a men’s regulation-size basketball.